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Gun test
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Gun test
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Gun Test

This is a test that I have specially designed to help you decide which gun is best for you.


Take the test

Answer yes or no to these questions remember to keep track of the yes and nos and make sure not to cheat if you do you may end up with a gun thats not right for you.


1. Will you oil and clean your gun before and after every paintball session?

2. Will you take apart your gun to look at the mechanics and learn how it runs?

3. Will you learn your gun before going out into a field to paintball?

4. Will you be very meticulous about your gun and make sure its in perfect condition?

5. Will you polish the internals often?

6. Will you use the gun for tournaments?

7. Will you use good quality paint?

8. Will you use anti-siphoned CO2 and/or Nitrogen/HPA?

9. Will you take the time to learn the manual and your gun like the back of your hand?

10. Will you be the only one using your gun?

11. Will you try to upgrade your gun often?

12. Will you make sure that all O-Rings are in perfect condition and oiled?

13. Will you keep a toolbox of most of the extra parts that you may need for your gun?

14. Will you keep your gun in a case so that it is safe in travel and in storage?

15. Will you put upgrades on yourself?



 Listed here are what type of guns you should get for how many yes answers you said


        0- Dude you dont deserve a paintball gun

     1-5- Get a tippmann or spyder

   5-10- Low end cocker, high end spyder, or juiced up tippmann

 10-13- ICD or WGP Autococker

    14+- Bob Long or Angel if you have the money, If not go Cocker

Well although this test may be accurate most of the time it comes down to personal preference and budget. Hope this helped you on deciding the gun thats right for you.

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